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Free or Paid WiFi Access

Our flexible software gives you the ability to offer wifi in a number of ways, such as giving one voucher for one device for free, and selling vouchers for extra devices. You maintain complete control over specifying the connection speed, data limit, time or calendar period, and number of devices allowed per voucher.

The software also features an option to give each device a specific time allotment (e.g. 15 minutes) free internet access per day. Our software is also capable of integrating with reservation systems/software, so guests can receive their WiFi access code with their booking confirmation.

Scalable Software Solutions

User friendly, our WiFi management software is always up to date, cloud based, and hosted at our datacenters, The software gives insight in what is happening on the network. It shows all the user sessions and manages the bandwith. It is also capable of monitoring the status of all access points utilizing regular updates.

Adminstration Interface

Our WiFi management software will allow you to manage each guest access individually, with the flexibility to offer access packages that are based on speed, time, and/or data. You will also be able to track the status of each access point.

Statistics & data traceability

For safety and security, our software logs all activity. All information is stored securely at the data centers. Included with our software is easy access to our helpdesk, providing status information 24/7.

Tiered Pricing Based on Device

Pay only for the number of devices being used simultaneously

Our license model is flexible. A license is required for the number of devices used simultaneously. We make managing that easy, and allow you to increase or decrease the number of user devices each month. That way, you can efficiently plan for both busy and slower seasons. Included with your license, is the use of our access controllers, use of our management software, and our helpdesk.

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Voucher Specific

Our software will allow you to generate vouchers for your guests based on speed, time, data, number of devices, calendar period, or any combination. Use of these vouchers does not require any special printing, and can be created with any available printer.

Instant Accessibility

Through use of our web based management portal, you will be able to generate vouchers as you need them, with just a click of a button.

Online Management

All vouchers are easy to manage and track with our software. You’ll be able to monitor usage and each guest voucher individually.

24 Hours Support / Help Desk

Twenty-four hour support through our automated assistance system, and a help desk that operates fifteen hours a day to assist you with any issues that may arise.

Each guest will receive a unique six-digit helpdesk code, used to locate individual user accounts. When contacted, our helpdesk system will ask for their helpdesk code and then be able to respond with information on that guest’s account status. Our system logs all, so you can track which guests may need assistance. You will also be able to review comments that our helpdesk employees have put in the system regarding each call.

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