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Step One

You Choose Your WiFi Coverage

Let us know what areas of your campground / RV park you want accessible by Wi-Fi.

With as detailed information as possible we can then utilize satellite imaging of your area to plan specific pole placement. If your campground isn’t visible via satellite due to new constructs, or heavily wooded areas, then we can utilize campsite maps to plan your system.

Step Two

Assessment & Concept Design

We will assess your situation and then draw up a conceptual design.

In this stage we will need to know about your available internet feed, as well as the number of sites that will require access to your Wi-Fi network. We work diligently to account for all variables, and ensure everything has been dimensioned correctly.

Step Three

Finalization Of Plans

We will visit your campground / RV park to personally present the concept designs and reduce the risk of design flaws.

At this time we will also discuss the management of the system’s installation. We can easily utilize your local electrical contractor, or any onsite technical employees in the installation process. Throughout the entire process we will manage the entire project and the configuration of all equipment.

Step Four

Sign Contract

We provide you with the final plan for implementing your wifi system at your campground or RV park.

In addition to providing you with the finalized Wifisite plan, we will also at this time provide you with a quotation for installation and licensing. We will also complete the contract signing, and address any other necessary legal requirements.

Step Five

Installation, System Testing, & Training

After handling all the paperwork, we will oversee the installation and testing of your personalized Wifisite system.

First, we will create a unique management account within our specially designed Wifisite portal. It is within this portal that you will be able to access status updates and manage guest access. Then we will ship all the required equipment directly to your location where we will configure and prepare everything necessary for the seamless installation of your wireless network. The installation will then be performed as agreed. The last stage of installation will include the testing of each and every access-point for functionality, as well as detailed training for any personnel that may be responsible for upkeep or maintenance.

Stay WIFI Connected Anywhere On Your Campground

The leading outdoor WiFi provider for Campgrounds and RV Parks. Wifisite offers standardized, durable, long lasting outdoor wireless systems that beat out any competition.

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