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Cloud Managed Solution

The Wifisite Controller is a cloud managed solution, with integrated firewall and access controller. The controller delivers a stable and reliable guest internet access system which is applicable for any network, wired and wireless.

The Wifisite controller is installed in the location of your choice, and active 24/7. This system ensures that your fixed connection is converted into a secure Internet access, for all your guests and visitors.

Most economical system to realize WiFi guest access

Wifisite is the most economical system to realize guests internet access responsibly. The Wifisite controller is a very practical and easy to install solution for public Internet access. The Wifisite controller is easy to install into existing networks and is placed between the existing router (or modem) and the publicly accessible network. Is it compatible with any existing access point.

Benefits Wifi Site Controller:

  • Provides a stable, controlled and reliable Internet access to your guests or visitors.
  • System in-house with their own revenues.
  • No investment for the manager / owner - works on the basis of a flexible licensing model.
  • Automated help desk for end users, which will be mostly relieved.
  • On the portal page (first page is visible to guests) can place their own notices.
  • Is suitable for access from all platforms, browsers, and mobile devices.
  • The token system generates can either digital tokens or vouchers. Digital tickets are included in reservation confirmations to your guests or per SMS sent. Vouchers print from your own printer. No special ticket printer is required.


The Wifisite controller can be connected to previously existing or new fiber optic, coaxial, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection types. As well as any internet feed, including: ADSL , SDSL , VDSL, cable, fiber and satellite, and any combinations.


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Technical Advantages Of Wifisite Controllers:

  • Easily installed by your local technician or yourself, with no wait for functionality.
  • Offers internet access for both wireless and fixed networks.
  • Compatible with any and all existing Internet connections.
  • Looking towards growth, our networks are scalable for 1 to 1,000, or even more users.
  • Provides an overview of your hotspot network regardless of how many locations or controllers you manage.
  • Every Wifisite Controller can easily handle 2,045 connections. Depending on the model up to 2,045 concurrent user devices on one controller possible.
  • Wifisite’s certified controller installers can assist you with the underlying network and provide location recommendations for the installation of the Wifisite controller.

Installation Partners

Need a wireless system installed at your location? We can work with a partner company to install your WiFisite controller.

If you feel less qualified to handle the installation of your wireless network, we can partner with a local company to get your systems installed. At Wifisite, we have extensive experience partnering with local installation companies, and are willing to help you install the a system that will not only beat your competitors in quality, but also at price that is economical for your operation.

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Standardized WiFi Poles That Last

We have designed a standardized WiFi pole that lasts for 15+ years, and has proven to be the most flexible and reliable solution for building a wireless network.

Every of of our poles comes equipped with a customized outdoor proofed enclosure, protecting your top-of-the-line access points from all kinds of damaging weather. Every antenna is fitted with an industrial class surge protector to protect the radios against electrical interference.

2.4GHz Omni-Antennas

Two 2.4GHz omni-antennas for communication with guest devices.

Directional 5GHz Antenna

Communication between poles is done with dedicated radios with separate 5GHz panel antennas

Outdoor Enclosure

All hardware, including surge protection, is fitted in the outdoor enclosure. Power cables run directly through the pole's interior with a hatch at the bottom of the pole where power can be connected.

5GHz Omni-Antennas

Two 5GHz omni-antennas for communication with newer guest devices.

Why Wifisite’s Poles?

Our wireless poles have been proven to be both technically flexible, and extremely reliable. All hardware is housed close to the antennas to reduce signal loss to a minimal. This method has also been proven to be the most reliable wireless solution, reducing failures caused by atmospheric interference and induction.

All antennas are connected to the radios by industrial class, surge protectors. Every pole is safely grounded through it’s own design, and all applicable power, network, or fiber optic cables safely run through the inside of the pole.

Stay WIFI Connected Anywhere On Your Campground

The leading outdoor WiFi provider for Campgrounds and RV Parks. Wifisite offers standardized, durable, long lasting outdoor wireless systems that beat out any competition.

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